Pic:  Beyond the way on facebook
Pic: Beyond the way on facebook

https://www.facebook.com/beyondtheway If you are thinking of your next trip and it happens to be walking or cycling the Camino de Santiago, check out the above facebook link or click on the link beneath the picture.  There are a host of useful videos on this page! And then, you must have guessed that is exactly what I will be doing this Summer!  Not long to go now and I will be taking my first steps in St Jean Pied de Port, France! It has already been a great journey from my initial murmurings about wanting to walk the Camino to now.  So much to plan, so much to buy, so much organisation! I am, by nature, generally happy to let someone else do all the hard work of the details of my holidays and trips – travel companies such as Exodus or Explore are brilliant for sorting out all the things I want to do whilst I simply decide, click on book and turn up on the right day. Not so with this year’s excursion!  Here I am planning everything to the last detail!  Booking, and consciously not booking places to stay.  Working out the route, the distance I can cycle, etc, etc. I am sure many of you out there are well experienced in doing this.  And to you, I would love any advice or comments that will support the Camino experience. But for those less experienced, I hope that by sharing my experience, you will be a little more confident how to plan a journey.  What to do, and not do, to ensure a successful trip. Looking forward to hearing from you all, travellers, and for this particular trip, pilgrims! More posts coming this way soon!