Image by Kim MyoungSung
Image by Kim MyoungSung

Have I missed something?

Rather afraid that I am missing some important little piece of advice that will help me to a Buen Camino, I have been trawling the web to see what I can find.  And there is a lot of information out there!  In the spirit of sharing, here are just a few of the helpful sites that I have discovered today.

General Information:

The most memorable part of any Camino is always the journey itself so it’s important not to rush and really appreciate the experience.


plus there are a wealth of other pages that are useful on this site.

A delicate question

And from the packing list to the obvious result of packing light comes the rather delicate question of what to do with delicates and other sweaty kit that needs to be washed.  After cycling 70 km or more, clothes are going to be a bit of a barrier to socializing!  So what is the laundry situation on the Camino?  It is a bit dated, being written in 2011, but this seems a useful blog to check out if you also worry about how to stay clean and fresh!

And finally

Finally, if you have flights booked, many airlines have online check-in now so don’t forget to do this before you set off on your travels.  It makes life so much easier!

And finally, finally, if you have any more up to date information about laundry or other tips to share, it would be great to hear from you.

Buen Camino!