Oh!  We’re going to Costa Rica

The guide books are on the table as the trip to Costa Rica is coming up fast!  I am sure that I don’t need to tell you how exciting that is!


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But Zika is big news at the moment so I have been reading widely about this:  for more information check out:


Usual health advice, avoiding bites and using repellants but these particular mosquitoes seem to come out in the daytime too, so more repellent than usual.  And covering up!  (If you are a pregnant woman, there is a lot more advice out there!)

Aedes mosquitoes bite predominantly in the day, particularly during mid-morning and late afternoon to dusk. This type of mosquito is unlikely to be found at altitudes over 2,000m.


Unfortunately, I am one of those people that mosquitoes love to bite.  Any advice more than welcome!

Going Pro

Excitingly, this year I will be taking my new go pro.  It is my new toy so I am only just getting to grips with it.  I have been playing around with moviemaker and am very slow; hopefully, by the time I come back from Costa Rica, I will be more au fait with it and  producing Hollywood blockbusters…..Maybe not but any hints and tips would be gratefully received!

Starting at San Jose we will be cycling, cruising and bussing from  the Caribbean to the  Pacific, taking in Tortuguero NP and the Arenal volcano; we will be spending a little longer around Manuel Antonio NP so any information about that appreciated.

Finally, a big thank you to Amy Pond at Australians Outbound who was very helpful with her post on Costa Rica some time ago!