A research station on the waterways of Tortuguero

Not such an early start today but a long day of travelling.  It was a bonus that, in order to avoid the low river levels that we had experienced when we arrived, we had to go the long way around the network of waterways within Tortuguero.  The rainforest treated us to a riverside display of squirrel monkeys as we chugged slowly past their stomping grounds.

We didn’t have to wait long for the guide to come up with a plan

We arrived at our stop but our bus did not.  It had unfortunately broken down 30 minutes away.  This is where group guided tours are useful; the group guide managed to sweet talk us onto another bus.  We all appreciated this bit of good fortune and guide ingenuity.

After lunch we finally said hello to our bikes.  It was only to be a short 22 km bike ride but I spent as much time as I could with my new helmet cam ‘glancing’ at the world to check what was going on.  First Go Pro experience so was acting like a newbie!

We passed through banana plantation after banana plantation, all growing in blue bags to protect them from birds and insects.  It makes you realise when you come this far how scandalous it is to let even one banana rot in the fruit bowl at home.  The work that goes into growing and harvesting then shipping and flying these fruits so far so that we can enjoy them.  And then there is the tragedy of the pesticides that leach into water sources affecting the health and wellbeing of the residents. These farmers rely on the income that bananas provide, but at what cost?

(check out – not that I am being political or anything).

After every ride, the bikes all went back on the top of the bus.  Hard work in the blistering, sweaty heat of the afternoon.