Typically Costa Rica with its town park

A hard day of travelling today and not because of the cycling.  We travelled for two hours from our resort before starting our 20 km cycle at a small town called Esparza, starting with 7.5 km uphill.  But after that, it was mostly steep, sweeping downhills.  It was a pretty ride and interesting viewing and typically, the Go Pro decided not to work!

The uphill stretch finishes at a coral.  Some shade at last

I put in a lot of effort today and felt sick by the time I reached the top of the last climb; I think that the sickness bug is beginning to strike!  But I was able to eat by the time we reached the lunch stop and ordered a bucket of vegetable soup.  I managed half of it as did my companion who had ordered the seafood soup – I have never been faced with such a large bowl of soup, I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

SAM_0346It was our first day on the Pacific Coast today and we drove through rainforest and palm oil plantations, through a sudden heavy downpour which stopped as suddenly as it arrived but the travel highlight had to be croc river.  Scarlet macaws and pink spoonbills lit the skies and a blue moorhen paddled in the muddy banks of the river but under the bridge, the crocodiles basked.  It was a great highlight and I particularly liked the warning signs not to swim in the river – good advice!  SAM_0350

We drove on from there to Quepos and finally to Manuel Antonio where we found our hotel 200 metres from the Pacific Ocean and just in time for sunset.  Never having seen the Pacific, I dipped my toes in like an excited child and couldn’t believe how warm it was.  The long sandy beaches invited me to stay and I think I may just have to accept.

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