Towel art: a sloth?

A restless night and it has rained but the air just feels stickier than before.  On the upside, I walked out of the room to see a white-faced monkey climbing the trees and an iguana perched in the V of two branches.  I love that I can wake up to nature like this; it’s just like home when I see the birds on my feeder, only a touch more exotic.

We are having a doom and gloom morning today though; I have had an email that I didn’t want to see – technology is great but somethings are best left alone when you are away from home.  But maybe we are missing the others too?

The map of the NP with its variety of (very quiet) trails

We ventured into the park this morning and the sloths hadn’t moved.  At least I know I will have lots of photo opportunities – they aren’t going anywhere fast!  We decided to investigate some of the paths less travelled today to Catedral Point and Mirador.  Going up Catedral Point I jumped out of my skin at rustling in the leaf litter, one snake is, for me, one too many.  But there were no snakes, just crabs with purple claws and red legs scuttling away as we approached.

Having a little bit of a rant day today after beachtime; there are strict rules in the park about what food can be taken into the park – no crisps, no nuts and only precut fruit as the monkeys and raccoons are chancers.  We went with very little in our bag but other guests thought it was hilarious that white faced monkeys steal food wrappers and drinks.  People lined up to photograph them while there was a monkey-raccoon showdown over one bag of goodies.  But then the same people soon complain when a whole rucksack went up into the trees.

Bandits lay in wait for unsuspecting tourists.  They have learnt that bags are worth stealing

For all my ranting though, we almost fell foul of a raccoon today; walking back to the entrance, we stopped to watch a raccoon in the forest, lying in the sun having a good scratch.  But when he noticed us, he sauntered over and with all four paws grabbed at the bag that my partner was holding.  A tug of war ensued but the humans did win.  It would have been a big disappointment in any case, filled only with a couple of wet towels.  But I have to confess, it was funny, despite my ranting about other people earlier.

A great spider monkey display