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A sloth on the move

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Just chilling


It is amazing going to Manuel Antonio NP and seeing the sloths hanging about in the trees.  But it is more amazing to sit in the restaurant, El Avion, on the road between Quepos and Manuel Antonio and to see a sloth chilling in the trees beside the restaurant.  That’s unexpected.  Or what I would have expected from Costa Rica.

El Avion, as I have told you before, is a bar/restaurant, in which a 1980s USAF plane has been turned into the bar.  It is on the hillside overlooking the bay and the views are excellent.  But it was the sloths that created all the excitement.  I, momentarily, felt sorry for the diners who were sitting nearest to them.  But on the other hand, they were sitting nearest to them, so how sorry could I feel?  They had the best and most uninterrupted view.


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Not that the sloths were going to move very far or very fast.  Apparently they are all drunk on the leaves that ferment in their systems…or so we were told!  So they weren’t moving fast in ‘the wild’ or in the National Park which we visited again too.  If you go, check out Gemelas Beach which is quieter than the main beach.  You can swim there although it is rockier but it is less popular and more of your own quiet paradise.

This was our last evening in Manuel Antonio and one thing we had to do before saying good-bye was to play in the surf on Playa Espadilla.  The waves were huge this evening and as the sun went down on the horizon, we dodged the surfers as we tried to resist the thunderous onslaught of the ocean.  Exhausting…but fun.