Dancing fountains, fairytale Bastions, and a little bit of a run feature in today’s Budapest.

Getting on the Bus

When you only have a short time in a country, you have to make the most of what tourist opportunities are on offer.  And Hungary, like many cities, is full of ways in which you can see the city.  We chose the Hop On Hop Off bus.  For 5000 Hufs, you can spend the day travelling around the city, listening to the helpful commentary on the audio which provides the history that you miss not having a guide book.  (It does loop so you will sometimes hear the same information several times if you are going back on yourself.  If you can repeat it, you must have been listening the first time?)

Margaret Island

The ticket price includes a short trip to Margaret Island which is highly recommended and is something that you should stop and visit.  Our boat companions who didn’t bother to get off at this stop, missed something!

The island is a Disneysque spot without any of the scary characters.  In fact, wandering around Budapest in general, you couldn’t help thinking that Disney was based on places like Budapest.   The fountains on Margaret’s Island, choreographed to music were my favourite.  A bit cheesy but I loved the drama of it and the smiles it brought to all the tourists and locals alike.

Then there was the soft surfaced running track, the mini-zoo, the open air theatre…..oh, just everything really.  And if you don’t fancy walking there were golf karts and bikes and electric cars to help you get around this little patch of magic.

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