24.8 km

Palas de Rei – San Xulian del Camino – Casanova – Leboreiro – Melide – Boente – Castaneda – Ribadiso

Total distance (part 2) = 241.9 km

Our breakfast stop….With the enormous shell, I think we might be on the Camino?

It was difficult, once past the town boundary to negotiate our way downhill in the dark.  My feet, my toes are blistered as are my heels and I was in no hurry to stumble over the uneven ground.

The sunflowers were still glorious in September





We walked through the eucalyptus forests that bathed the warm air with their cooling fragrance, and through industrial zones with sheds and factories surrounding us.  It’s funny how I don’t mind though; it is part of the charm, I think, of the Camino, that ancient Medieval bridges butt up against this modern landscape.  I had resisted the idea of this on my previous trip, especially walking toward Burgos but now, I found it all part of the tapestry that wove around us.

I fell in love with this place; you enter on a little stone bridge.  The hostel is on the far side and steps from their allow weary travellers to bathe their feet in the cool water.  Be warned though!  I did this from the other side, after battling my fear with the small snake that wound its path in front of me.  I shudder!

The pilgrim’s donkey.  The pilgrim played the pipes, and you could hear these for a long way before you found him, his donkey and his ‘sello’ – donations please!


The bridge leads to a little bit (more) paradise
Peregrinos bathe their feet.  Do they know about the snake?
The evening’s entertainment