32.3 km

Negreira – Zas – A Pena – Vilaserio – Cornado – Maronas – Abeleiroas – Olveiroa

Total distance (part 2) = 336.2 km

sam_1393-copy-copyDay 2 post-Santiago.  We were uncertain of our route in the darkness and finally, for once, we waited for others with their bobbing headtorches to catch up; they seemed to know the way instinctively.  They were fast walkers though and, although we kept pace easily, I knew that I would be suffering later.

sam_1394-copy-copyAnd I did, hips, legs, thighs, feet, back……By the end of the 32.3 km, I could barely put one foot in front of the other and by the time we arrived at the Pension, I was exhausted.

sam_1396-copy-copyIt was, I must say though, a lovely, tranquil walk, if a little more undulating than the previous day.  There were some stiff climbs and long downhills, long, long downhills that worried my knees and new blisters formed on each joint on my feet.  I thought I was done with that!!!!

These grain stores are everywhere and are in all sizes; I fell in love with them.  And my partner wondered whether I wanted one built in the garden

I craved the tranquility that the landscape offered and I craved the small community that we arrived to – even though a Spanish guy explained to me that the village, “It is nothing here, small, crappy!”  Made me laugh as he had very few words of English!

But Olveiroa was a peaceful, tranquil haven and I sat by a trickling stream, writing my journal and thinking my thoughts.