Staging the Way

There are many ways to make the journey on the Camino and I have been asked to share mine.  We, of course, cycled most of the first stage of our journey and walked the second so the stage breaks at the end of Part I are quite short; I have looked at a number of guide books and based the first part on the most frequently recommended (apart from the last day where we stop in Leon).  But Part II follows our journey stage by stage.

Of course, you don’t have to walk the entire 800 km to be eligible for a compostela in Santiago – you only need take a mere 100km, which is about the distance from Sarria.  But I would highly, I mean HIGHLY, recommend the entire trip as it has been one of the greatest achievements of my life to date.

From To KMs
Day 1 St Jean Pied de Port Orisson 8
Day 2 Orisson Roncesvalles 13.2
Day 3 Roncesvalles Larrasona 23.5
Day 4 Larrasona Pamplona 12.8
Day 5 Pamplona Puente la Reina 20.1
Day 6 Puente la Reina Ayegui 20.4
Day 7 Ayegui Torres del Rio 23.5
Day 8 Torres del Rio Logrono 17.6
Day 9 Logrono Najera 28.9
Day 10 Najera Santo Domingo de la Calzada 18.3
Day 11 Santo Domingo de la Calzada Belorado 19.9
Day 12 Belorado Ages 23.0
Day 13 Ages Burgos 18.9
Day 14 Burgos Hontanas 26.4
Day 15 Hontanas Boadilla del Camino 28.5
Day 16 Boadilla del Camino Carrion de los Condes 21.0
Day 17 Carrion de los Condes Terradillos 22.4
Day 18 Terradillos El Burgo Ranero 26.8
Day 19 El Burgo Ranero Arcahueja 25.1
Day 20 Arcahueja Leon 6.0*
Part I

The above shows the stages that are frequently recommended in the guide books.  We walked from St Jean to Roncesvalles then cycled to Leon:  a total distance (including walking) of about 404.4 km.  *This is why the last distance is so short.

I recommend breaking the first day at Orisson as it can be hard all the way to Roncesvalle and it is worth the stop at Orisson.

Part II

For our second trip on the Camino, we walked all the way from Leon to Fisterra, which is about 80/90 km further than Santiago.  There are two choices after Santiago – Muxia or Fisterra and the route splits so it is easy to make a late call on where you want to end up.

Day 1 Leon Villavante 29.71
Day 2 Villavante Santa Catalina de Somoza 29.2
Day 3 Santa Catalina de Somoza Acebo 29.6
Day 4 Acebo Camponaraya 26.0
Day 5 Camponaraya La Portela 27.7
Day 6 La Portela Alto de Poio
Day 7 Alto de Poio Sarria 29.8
Day 8 Sarria Portomarin 23.1
Day 9 Portomarin Palas de Rei 24.8
Day 10 Palas de Rei Ribadiso 24.8
Day 11 Ribadiso Pedrouzo 22.8
Day 12 Pedrouzo Santiago 19.8
Day 13 Santiago Negreira 19.4
Day 14 Negreira Oliveroia 32.3
Day 15 Oliveroia Cee 19.8
Day 16 Cee Fisterra 14.6